South American Litchi Tomato

South American Litchi Tomato

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  • Organic, Heirloom; Open-Pollinated
  • Mid to Late-season
  • Determinate
  • Also known as Morelle de Balbis
  • Vigorous growth, producing clusters of berries
  • Has thorns, which discourages animals. Sometimes used as a garden perimeter
  • Grows up to 5 feet tall and benefits from trellising or caging
  • Colour - Harvest when the berries turn dark red and the prickly husk bursts open exposing the fruit. When they are ripe they are easily removed from the stem
  • Size: individual berries are cherry size
  • Used for pies and preserves, sauces, sorbets and wine. Taste similar to sour cherries

Note: Please bring a box or other container when you pick up your starter plants to protect them during transportation.

Hot & Spicy Litchi Tomato Chutney Recipe  (Click the link; scroll down for recipe)