Rhubarb Jelly with Bergamot & Vanilla

Rhubarb Jelly with Bergamot & Vanilla

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Our Rhubarb Jelly with Bergamot & Vanilla makes us want to set a pretty table, break out our fancy tea cups, and put out a plate of fresh baked scones with pots of clotted cream and jelly.

You don’t have to go that far to enjoy our jelly. Some crusty bread and a slather of jelly sounds pretty good too!

Ingredients: Locally grown rhubarb, water, lemon juice, sugar, black tea, bergamot, vanilla and pectin.

Our favourite ways to eat this luscious jelly:

  • Slathered on scones, biscuits, toast, pancakes, waffles
  • On top of cream cheese with bagels or baguettes 
  • As a topping for cheesecake or crepes
  • As a filling for layer cakes
  • As a glaze for meat or fish