** No Sugar ** Peach Basil Jam

** No Sugar ** Peach Basil Jam

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We developed this jam for several reasons. We have family members who are diabetic, we follow a ketogenic diet and we have many customers who cannot tolerate conventional processed sugar for various health reasons.

Our diabetic and keto-friendly jam is made the old-fashioned way with plenty of fruit but no conventional sugar. We use pure Allulose as the sweetener. I hasten to add that we receive no form of compensation from any company in connection to Allulose. We use the product because we have found it to meet our dietary needs and our desire for a sweetener that just plain tastes like sugar, because it is a real sugar derived from nature! When you eat this jam, you taste peaches with a hint of basil.

Allulose is 100% natural and:

  • It is found naturally in foods like figs, raisins, maple syrup and molasses
  • Safe as a sweetener for diabetics, and for ketogenic and low-carb diets and suitable for vegan diets. Allulose does not metabolize in the body or increase blood glucose levels
  • Contains no fillers or additives
  • Allulose is easy on the stomach, unlike many sugar alcohols
  • Cooks, bakes and tastes like granulated sugar with no aftertaste
  • Has only 2 calories per tablespoon
  • 70% as sweet as sugar

Ingredients: BC peaches, Allulose, lemon juice, basil and natural citrus pectin.

Our favourite ways to use jam or jelly:

    • Add to a pan sauce for meat or fish
    • Pour over a wheel of Brie or Camembert
    • Stir into plain yogurt or ice cream
    • Add to vinaigrette
    • Blend into a smoothie or adult beverage
    • Top pancakes or waffles, or stuff French Toast
    • Fill pastries, cakes and cookies
    • Make a glaze for tarts and shortcake…