Fatalii Pepper Marmalade w/Sweet Peppers & Onion

Fatalii Pepper Marmalade w/Sweet Peppers & Onion

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If you area Pepper Head, we think you'll love this pepper jelly. It packs some delicious citrusy heat with a little sweet, and it's oh so good!

Contains: Fatalii peppers, sweet peppers, oranges, onions, vinegar, cane sugar, lemon juice and citrus pectin.

Our favourite ways to eat this pepper jelly:

  • Pile it on sandwiches of any type
  • On top of cream cheese with baguettes or crackers
  • Rolled up in salami slices spread with cream cheese
  • Mix it into cream cheese
  • Stirred into sauces and salad dressings
  • As a glaze for meat, fish or vegetables