Lay-Buy Program

Lay-Buy Flexible Payment Program

We now offer a flexible payment program called Lay-Buy to help customers who choose to budget for purchases rather than pay in full in one lump sum.

To “Put It on Lay-Buy,” you will need a PayPal account. There are no interest fees charged. There is a one-time administration fee of 1.9% of the total price of the first purchase only. A down payment of 30% is required (but it can be more if you like, and the down payment can be paid with a credit card). Then you can choose to finish paying in 1 or 2 additional monthly instalments. Those instalments must come out of a PayPal account. If you don’t yet have a PayPal account, you will be guided through the easy process of setting one up. We love PayPal – They’ve proven to have better data security than any other payment processor...more

Lay-Buy Terms and Conditions

Lay-Buy Financial Solutions Pty Ltd trading as has identified core principles we believe are integral and imperative for all Lay-Buy agreement deals transacted through our PUT IT ON LAY-BUY checkout payment option to be fair and reasonable per the Fair Trading Act 1999.

The following principles below therefore make up the Terms & Conditions for any Lay-Buy or Layby contract and related transactions entered into. This applies to all and any lay-by contract template utilized by both Bébé Bug Boutique or the customer:...more