Pre-Order Masks

 We are now accepting pre-orders for non-medical cotton masks for adults and children.

Our adult-sized pleated masks expand from approximately 4 inches deep to approximately 7 inches deep which allows lots of room for tucking securely under the chin and over the bridge of the nose.

Our children's masks are pleated as well and expand from approximately 3 inches deep to 6 inches deep.

All pleated masks have a slot for adding an optional filter or tissue at your discretion. We use round rather than flat elastic for ear loops. Our customers report that the round elastic is much more comfortable than the flat.

Important Note:

  • These are non-medical grade reusable cotton masks. They are not intended for medical use. They are intended for use when you must make necessary trips outside your home to purchase groceries or keep medical appointments.
  • Our masks are pre-washed, but we recommend that you wash them again before wearing and each time you wear them. Mesh laundry bags are ideal for securing your masks before tossing them into the laundry.
  • Remember,to wash your hands before donning your mask and avoid touching your face.
  • Again, we emphasize that these masks are not intended as a substitute for N95 or Surgical masks. We remind everyone that those masks should be reserved for our Health Care Workers!


For hygienic reasons, we are unable to accept returns unless the product is found to be defective.​ 

Bulk Orders:

If you are interested in bulk orders greater than 50 units, please use our contact form to get in touch.