Our mission is pretty simple. In fact, it can easily be expressed as the formula Quality + Comfort + Style + Durability + Versatility = Value for Investment

  • Our customers choose our clothing and accessories because they prefer quality over quantity. We source high quality fabrics - cottons, bamboo, hemp - and take extra time to produce a well-made product.
  • We want our little customers to be cosy and comfortable in everything they wear so each piece is created with ease of movement and comfort in mind.
  • Style is an important factor in purchasing children's clothing for most parents today. The pinks and blues of bygone decades can still be found, but the trend is toward pieces that reflect the lifestyle of the parent, monochrome palettes and/or current design trends.
  • We are sometimes asked why our clothing is "so expensive". The answer is simply that unlike most big box stores, we design durability into our clothing. As a small business, we have a lot of control over what goes into our products. We choose the fabric, preshrink it before cutting, and use professional finishes to ensure the quality and durability of each and every piece.
  • Let's face it, good quality clothing costs more. We want our little customers to wear their pieces until they outgrown them. For this reason, we choose to handcraft pieces that can be worn through several seasons creating a versatility that also makes sense from an economic standpoint.
  • We strongly believe that all of the above results in excellent value for investment to our customers. As a bonus, our clothing will continue to look good and can be passed from one child to the next when care instructions are followed.